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ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy - Advanced Therapy Solutions - Clarksville, TN
As humans, our behaviors are often influenced by our environments; but for children with autism or cognitive disabilities, learning to cope and respond to the surrounding world can be challenging.

At Advanced Therapy Solutions, we use ABA therapy to understand and improve problematic behaviors in children. Located in Clarksville, TN, our pediatric therapy clinic focuses on enhancing the lives of ABA patients by teaching them essential communication, social, and behavioral skills.

Our approach to ABA therapy is gentle and family-oriented, and we invite you to reach out to our clinic if you have any questions on getting your child started.

Understanding ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that focuses on modifying and improving problem behaviors. It is often used in the treatment of autism, but it is also beneficial to children with cognitive disorders or those who have aggressive, non-compliant, and self-injurious behaviors.

With early ABA intervention, children can undergo positive behavioral changes and function better socially, academically, and within their communities. This is possible by first evaluating a child’s set of learned behaviors in relation to their environment.

ABA Therapy - Advanced Therapy Solutions - Clarksville, TN
ABA Therapy Evaluations - Advanced Therapy Solutions - Clarksville, TN

How It Works

Once we have an understanding of your child’s behaviors and the challenges they face, we can develop an individualized plan and begin implementing ABA techniques. Our goal is to reduce harmful behavior, improve memory, and promote better behavior through techniques, such as:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Intensive one-on-one therapy
  • Group intervention
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • Natural Environment Training (NET)
  • Direct Instruction Implementation

Many children undergo ABA therapy for years, and long-term, intensive therapy yields the best results. With ABA therapy, we can help children improve in the following areas:

  • Functional & adaptive communication
  • Learning & academic skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Social & emotional skills
  • Decrease tantrums, defiance, noncompliance, aggression, self-injury, excessive self-stimulatory behaviors


Our experienced team of therapists work one-on-one with patients to individualize their treatment plan — helping them better interact with the world around them. We train family members and caregivers on how to encourage their child to practice their skills on a daily basis. We also offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling for kids and adolescents to optimize your child’s treatment plan.
Pediatric ABA Therapy - Advanced Therapy Solutions - Clarksville, TN


My son gets speech and ABA therapy here. I am so thankful for everyone that works there. They are truly amazing.

-Angel R.

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