Advanced Therapy Solutions Reviews

Read what our clients have to say about their experience with Advanced Therapy Solutions!


Absolutely love this place. JP has made so much progress. The staff is super friendly and professional.
—Nancy P.
May 2016

My son loves going to see Mrs. Lindsey. He has made such a good transition. Wouldn't want him to go anywhere else.
—Vanda L.
May 2016

My son began seeing the therapists at Advanced Therapy Solutions in the Fall of 2014 after being diagnosed with speech and motor skills delays. The therapists were absolutely amazing with him.
—Keith W.
May 2016

The therapists at Advanced Therapy Solutions are professional, fun, and very involved when they work to help my sons.
—Herbert S.
April 2016

My son began seeing therapists at Advanced Therapy Solutions in the fall of 2014 after being diagnosed with speech and motor skills delays. This therapists were absolutely amazing with him, and he learned so much in his time there! We love ATS!
—Brittany D.
March 2016

The staff is very good at getting children to reach their goals in learning. I would recommend them to anyone I know.
—Frank B.
March 2016

My preemie daughter goes for OT, PT, and feeding therapy, and everyone is so nice and patient.
—Tara B.
January 2016

I love bringing my son here, without them I'd be so lost!!!
—Jamie W.
January 2016

ATS has been able to help my daughter so much. When she started, she could not jump, talk, eat new foods or hold a crayon correctly to color. Now, our problem is having her be quiet! She talks exponentially better, ATS was able to work with her on so many facets of her life. We are so pleased with her progress and would recommend the therapists at ATS without hesitation.
—David C.
December 2015

I would tell people that the staff at Advanced Therapy Solutions is kind and have a knack with children that I've never seen before. They are creative and hard working and will adjust their techniques to fit the child. I hope I never need their services again but if I did they would be the first place I would go!
—Matthew P.
December 2015

We love ATS! The office staff is always friendly and professional, and have always worked hard to accommodate our schedule. My boys love their therapists, and I am so pleased to always see them improving. There is a consistent level of professionalism and communication from the therapists, regardless of therapy type, or even if you have a substitute occasionally. One of my sons is autistic, so we have over 10 hours of therapy per week with ATS (some of it in-home), and I am continually impressed with the level of professionalism and communication among the staff. I really feel that at ATS, I have found a team that is just as invested in my children's success as I am. I have to give special mention to Jamie, Tara, Shannon, Melissa, Ashley, Kristen, Michael, and Amelia. They are so wonderful and excellent at their jobs! I am at ATS four days per week and I don't know how I could deal with that without their smiling faces and how much they care about my boys.
—Anastasia R.
December 2015

I loved Advanced Therapy Solutions, they made sure my daughter avoided surgery altogether. I love the whole staff!
—Scott L.
November 2015

My son gets speech and aba therapy here. I am so thankful for everyone that works that are truly amazing.
—Angel R.
November 2015

My twin boys have just finished their 1st month with Advanced Therapy Solutions and I couldn't be happier with the speech therapy they are receiving. Thank you for making my boys feel comfortable and for all that you do.
—Holly M.
October 2015

My daughter attended Advanced Therapy Solutions for speech when she was younger and had "graduated from speech" when she went to kindergarten. She has recently started attending Advanced Therapy Solutions again for speech (different speech problems then when she was younger) as well as for occupational therapy. The staff is extremely friendly and will help you in any way that they can. I very highly recommend Advanced Therapy Solutions.
—Aimee S.
August 2015

We could not be happier with Advanced Therapy Solutions. Our son, who is low functioning autistic, has been going there since September and we have been amazed at his progress since working with the team at ATS. He loves his therapists, and they have been instrumental in helping us continue working with him at home. We love ATS!
December 2014

Lauren was our son's speech therapist. She is amazing! Our son was very slow to warm up
but she was very patient and worked with him in his own way. Eventually she had him on his own and his speech really started taking off. Wish we could find a speech therapist half as good here in Texas.
October 2013

I recommend anyone looking at this site for therapy this is one of the best places in Clarksville. All the therapist I have dealt with are extremely professional and very friendly. They are wonderful at what they do! Hands down this is the place to go.
October 2013

Professional, passionate, and loving staff that works hard to help each child meet and exceed goals!
October 2013

I brought my granddaughter here where she received all the services. She always enjoyed going and made a lot of progress . She went from pure'e foods to now eating most everything. We are so pleased with all her therapists and her progress. Thank you ATS.
October 2013

ATS offers high quality services and effective therapy for a range of therapeutic needs. I highly recommend their services!
October 2013

My daughter can not wait for therapy... She loves it!!
—Andrea W.
October 2012